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You've arrived at the Astronomers' Eye, the Astronomy Icontest Challenge Community.

Moderator: anakinskywatchr

1All the themes for the contests will be astronomy related, and icons should naturally reflect that.
2Entries can be submitted to the challenge post.
3Icons submitted for contests must be original and not crossposted until after the challenge is over.
4All entries must satisfy Live Journal's requirements for icons, found here.
5Icons should conform to the requirements of the challenge or they will be disqualified.
6You may submit a maximum of four icons to each challenge.
7Icons should be submitted anonymously. They should be uploaded to a private server, photobucket, or your LiveJournal pics account, etc. They may not be submitted from your userpics list as this is no longer anonymous.

1You don't need to submit an icon to vote.
2You do not need to belong to the community to vote.
3Please don't vote for yourself.
4Don't ask your friends to vote for you.
5Voting will be for first and second choice, and most creative. Don't vote for the same person for both first and second (or those votes will be disqualified).

Include the image and the link to the image in your submission to the challenge post; i.e. in the format


Got suggestions for a future challenge? Are you the moderator of an icontest that would like to affiliate with us? Are you a member with an icon gallery you'd like to link? Image resources? Post your info here.

svchallenge Smallville Challenge

1 The Face of Astronomers' Eye: Default Icon1 The Face of Astronomers' Eye: Default Icon
2 Earth from Space2 Earth from Space
3 Solar Eclipse3 Solar Eclipse
4 Orion4 Orion
5 Earth's Moon5 Earth's Moon
6 Pluto & the "Plutons"6 Pluto & the 'Plutons'
7 Saturn7 Saturn
8 Star Fields8 Star Fields
9 Colliding Galaxies9 Colliding Galaxies
10 Astronomical Symbols10 Astronomical Symbols
11 Spacecraft11 Spacecraft
12 Astronomers12 Astronomers
13 Planetary Storms13 Planetary Storms
14 Star Trails14 Star Trails
15 Black Holes15 Black Holes
16 Mars16 Mars
17 Comets17 Comets
18 Nebulae18 Nebulae
19 The Big Bang19 The Big Bang
20 Colour Themes20 Colour Themes
21 The Sun21 The Sun
22 Titan22 Titan
23 The Space Race23 The Space Race
24 Radio Astronomy24 Radio Astronomy
25 Spitzer Images25 Spitzer Images
26 Comet McNaught26 Comet McNaught
27 Jupiter27 Jupiter
28 Europa28 Europa
29 Aurorae29 Aurorae
30 Io30 Io
31 Lunar Eclipse31 Lunar Eclipse
32 Novae & Supernovae32 Novae & Supernovae
33 Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC)33 Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC)
34 Planetary Rings34 Planetary Rings
35 Extrasolar Planets35 Extrasolar Planets
36 Galactic Dust Lanes36 Galactic Dust Lanes
37 Occultations & Transits37 Occultations & Transits
38 Venus38 Venus
39 Early Earth39 Early Earth
40 Composite Wavelength Images40 Composite Wavelength Images
41 Craters41 Craters
42 Neptune42 Neptune
43 Binary & Multiple Star Systems43 Binary & Multiple Star Systems
Bonus Best of the Best, 1-19
44 Telescopes & Observatories44 Telescopes & Observatories
45 New General Catalogue45 New General Catalogue
46 Voyager Mission Images46 Voyager Mission Images
47 Galileo Mission47 Galileo Mission
48 Cassini-Huygens Images48 Cassini-Huygens Images
49 Planetary Disks49 Planetary Disks
50 Individual Stars50 Individual Stars
51 Magnetic Fields51 Magnetic Fields
52 History of Astronomy52 History of Astronomy
53 New Community Default Icon53 New Community Default Icon
54 Artists' Conceptions54 Artists' Conceptions
55 View from the Moon55 View from the Moon
56 Lightning56 Lightning
57 The Milky Way57 The Milky Way
58 The Uranian System58 The Uranian System
59 Planetary Nebulae59 Planetary Nebulae
Bonus Best of the Best, 20-38
60 Constellations60 Constellations
61 Solar Effects61 Solar Effects
62 Volcanoes62 Volcanoes
63 Candy Bars63 Candy Bars
64 Impacts64 Impacts
65 Triton65 Triton
66 Comet Holmes66 Comet Holmes
67 Extreme Stars67 Extreme Stars
68 Hubble Images68 Hubble Images
69 Backlit Planets/Moons69 Backlit Planets/Moons
70 Planet Animations 70 Planet Animations
71 Dwarf Galaxies71 Dwarf Galaxies
72 Alien Life72 Alien Life
73 Unusual Views of the Planets73 Unusual Views of the Planets
74 Deep Field74 Deep Field
75 Martian Rovers75 Martian Rovers
76 Red/Blue Giant Stars76 Red/Blue Giant Stars
77 Mercury77 Mercury
78 Galaxies78 Galaxies
79 Meteors79 Meteors
80 Gravitational Lenses80 Gravitational Lenses
Bonus Best of the Best, 39-58
81 Solar Cycle81 Solar Cycle
82 Absorption Nebulae82 Absorption Nebulae
83 Lunar Base83 Lunar Base
84 Gas Giants84 Gas Giants
85 Lifecycles85 Lifecycles
86 Non-terrestrial Sunrises & Sunsets86 Non-terrestrial Sunrises & Sunsets
87 Named for Goddesses87 Named for Goddesses
88 Open Challenge88 Open Challenge
89 Terrestrial Planets89 Terrestrial Planets
90 Text Only90 Text Only
91 Sunspots91 Sunspots
92 Instruments92 Instruments
93 Messier Objects93 Messier Objects
94 Reflection Nebulae94 Reflection Nebulae
95 Natural Satellites/Moons95 Natural Satellites/Moons
96 Vacations in Space96 Vacations in Space
97 Asteroids97 Asteroids
98 Negatives98 Negatives
99 Car Makes/Models99 Car Makes/Models
100 Alien Volcanoes100 Alien Volcanoes
101 Enceladus101 Enceladus
102 Solar Prominences102 Solar Prominences
103 Exotic Objects103 Exotic Objects
104 Crab Nebula104 Crab Nebula
105 Early Universe105 Early Universe
106 Storms106 Storms
107 Star-Forming Regions107 Star-Forming Regions
108 Dark Matter/Dark Energy108 Dark Matter/Dark Energy
109 Southern Skies109 Southern Skies
110 Gamma Ray Bursters110 Gamma Ray Bursters
111 Artificial Satellites111 Artificial Satellites
112 Alien Landscapes112 Alien Landscapes
113 Animals of Astronomy113 Animals of Astronomy
114 Gravity114 Gravity
115 Recent Discoveries115 Recent Discoveries
Bonus Best of the Best, 59-76
116 Phoenix Lander116 Phoenix Lander
117 Emission Nebulae117 Emission Nebulae
118 Atmospheres118 Atmospheres
119 Tectonics & Geology119 Tectonics & Geology
120 ?120 ?